The great people of Turkey continued to treat me in a wonderful way in the South, just like in the North. But on the way from Ankara to the south and the border of Syria, what will always stay in my memory is the beautiful region of Cappadocia. I did a small detour to see this part, thanks to the tip of good friend Moulshri from Delhi (India). She sent me an e-mail some time ago and said you’ve gotta see this place – ‘it supposedly is truly magic’. I can only agree. I visited two valleys in the southern part of the region, and skipped the touristic center in the north, but I can’t imagine much more magic than those two valleys. Between high, steep walls of rock: a river and green lands for cultivation. On those rock faces, thousands of rock-hewn shelters and hundreds of churches. Some people still living in caves, although of course with electricity and what-what. Could it be more picturesque?

I’m now in Latakia, northwestern Syria, where I’m taking rest for a few days after having got some bad intestinal infection. I’ll continue my way south towards Damascus soon, and from there also have seen enough of Syria to give you my view of the country. Until then, take care!