When I wake up, the trailer wheel is again flat. I find another puncture and fix it, but the wheel keeps deflating during the day so I have to pump it every two hours or so. With thirteen patches on the tube, I really need to find a new one now.

Then a couple of hours later, when reaching a petrol station, I find by back wheel flat, too. I discover that the same thorns that punctured the trailer have found their way to both the front and the back wheel. When I start to pull them out of the front wheel, which too goes pssst. And after examining the tyre more closely, I decide to change everything with the spare tyre that was intended for halfway – the current ones are full of thorns, some which are impossible to remove without using a knife to cut the tyre.

I reach Niĝde in the late afternoon, where I get to stay for two restful nights with Hospitalityclub host Mehmet. I can hopefully find some new spare tubes for the trailer, too.