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Belisırma – Soğanlı (91 km)

By Peder af Geijerstam on 14 Sep 2008

Passing through Derinkuyu where an underground city is the main attraction, I quickly decide not to continue further north to the touristic centre of Cappadocia – Nevsehir, Göreme etc. – but to continue east to another valley similar to the at Belisırma. Derinkuyu is already too touristic for me – children asking for ‘money’ (the only English word they knew – who taught them?) – and locals being more concerned of selling their produce than to make me interested in visiting the underground city.

I reach Soğanlı late in the evening after another thirty or so kilometers from Derinkuyu. Another beautiful, green valley, with some even more beautiful rock-hewn churches than the I saw in Ihlara Valley (although I only visited 1% of them so there ought to be even greater ones around there, too).

Unfortunately I also get my very first puncture upon reaching. I have evidently pedaled through some terribly thorny bush, because I find no less than twelve punctures on the trailer wheel. Took the best part of the evening to fix. Then food and sleep. Camp outside restaurant.

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