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“Caraçao [heart],” he says and points at us.

We meet fisherman Juan. He has a small shelter made of reed right next to the road. Behind it and the narrow piece of ground it occupies, a large river delta spreads out. His canoe rests by the water edge. Todays catch lies left to dry on a log next to him. He takes two of the fishes and grills them in a fire for us to taste. “Caraçao” (heart), he says and points at us.

We camp a few kilometres further on, behind a roadside bar. Quickly, before the sun sets, we walk to a water outlet by the road where we bath.

Overwhelming Green

The lush, fresh green is just overwhelming. The cashew trees bear fruit — soft apples in shades ranging from green through yellow to red, with each a nut (the actual fruit) attached underneath. The air is filled with the rich, fermented smell of the mushy apples. The apples are impossible to export because of their frail softness, we are told, and so the children usually eat them while they harvest the nuts. The mangoes also bear fruit — green now, but ripe in just a couple of weeks’ time. Banana and pineapple is sold along the road, as well as fresh palm wine.