Starting on the 10th of June, I and my friend Pontus pedalled our way from Singapore to Bali (Indonesia). Our 75 days of summer vacation was not long enough to cycle all of the way though, so from Western Sumatra to Western Java, we took buses for three consecutive days (the most tiring and dangerous days of the entire trip). Despite this, we got ourselves a good 45 days of cycling, covering some 3,400 kilometres. And just to satisfy the statistical nerd in me, that boils down to a daily average of 50 kilometres (total days) or 70-ish kilometres (only cycling days) — the exact same as with all my previous trips. The perfect tempo, I suppose.

It was a fantastic journey, with none but lovely people, horrendous traffic and indescribably beautiful scenery. Underneath it all a stir of cultures, languages and religions that was at once confusing and uniquely enjoyable — begging for a second visit just to make its richness justice (and make sense of it all!).

Many thanks to the many wonderful Couchsurfers, Warm Showers’ and random friends who have hosted, guided or simply enjoyed with us.

For practical reasons, I have divided this post into three parts:
– Singapore and Malaysia – map and photos
– Indonesia: Sumatra – map and photos
– Indonesia: Java, Bali and Lombok – map and photos

Singapore and Malaysia – map and photos


Indonesia: Sumatra – map and photos


Indonesia: Java, Bali and Lombok – map and photos


Doha (Qatar)

… and a couple of photos from our 24 hours in Doha: